Favorite Boutiques

A Veritable Emporium of Good Taste

© Katherine McPherson / MFb
Shopping at Emporium is like going to hang out at your best friend’s house, and picking up some amazing things while you’re there. Owner Sara Zamikoff has assembled an impressive collection of clothing, accessories and giftable items that will have you wanting to buy every single thing you ... More »
Our Favorite...

Scary Stuff

© MFb
1) Demonia by Pleaser Women's Zombie Pump; 2) Jacey Withers Double Skull Necklace; 3) Noir Jewelry Critter Ring; 4) Alexander McQueen Silver-Plated Swarovski Crystal Skull Necklace; 5) Fred Flare Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Earrings; 6) King Baby Studio Day Of The Dead Beaded ... More »
Ready for the Weekend

Haute Couture Halloween

© Flickr / Beyrouth
Halloween should be every fashion-maven's favorite night of the year – when else do you really get the chance to dress however you want, no matter how outrageous? Unfortunately, many succumb to the played-out “sexy-something” costume, forfeiting this amazing opportunity for a ... More »
Current Obsessions

Ramy Brook Designs

© Ramy Brook
Ramy Sharp hasn't been in the game long – she launched her clothing line, Ramy Brook, in January 2010 – but she's gained a lot of attention fast. It's no wonder, her designs are sexy, modern and sophisticated. Most importantly, they're a pleasure to wear. Because her Ramy Brook line is now ... More »
Trend Watch


© Flickr / Idhren
On a cool(ish) fall night in Miami, you can do without the wool jackets and heavy overcoats the rest of the nation dutifully dons, but you may still want a little something to keep the chill off those suntanned shoulders, so used to the warm weather that even a balmy breeze might cause a shiver. ... More »

Bringing Modern to Miami

© Ben Sherman
Miami is a modern city. Our colors, our architecture, our aesthetic, all scream mod, mod, mod. So it would make sense that the folks from Ben Sherman have come to town in order to shoot the ad campaign for their Spring 2012 collection, Brighton to Tokyo.

Ben Sherman is, after all, as mod as ... More »
Funkshion 2011

A Marriage of Art and Design

Isabel and Ruben Toledo have known each other most of their lives, and have influenced one another's work in innumerable ways. So much so that it's hard to separate his art from her design, and her design from his art. This has never been more evident than in Toledo's 2012 Summer collection, ... More »
Funkshion 2011

Walk this Way

© Fei Hong / MFb
Friday night saw a mixed crowd of leather and lace and Louboutin heels as fashion spectators and fans of designer Andy Hilfiger mixed and mingled for a night of big hair, buff bods, and eighties nostalgia. The only thing missing was Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler in his feather hairpiece.

... More »
Our Favorite...

Tough Little Bags

© MFb
1) Alexander Wang Adriel Metallic Leather Clutch; 2) Jil Sander Textured-leather Pyramid Clutch; 3) Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch; 4) ASOS Colorblock Satin and Glitter Clutch; 5) ASOS Colorblock Hard Clutch; 6) Alexander McQueen Orange Pony Knuckle Box ... More »
Funkshion 2011

Xela Seduces the Setai

© Fei Hong / MFb
What started out as red, quickly went to shades of gorgeous aqua and teal in a Miami-meets-Morocco show of evening couture that both dazzled and inspired. French-Moroccan designer Nora Sahraoui launched her latest collection, Xela, showcasing dresses that combined a classic French style with ... More »
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