The Evolution of John Brevard

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What do you see when you close your eyes? Some people see light and patterns emerge from the darkness. Others see the things they’ve been dreaming of. Others, the things they fear. Others, still, see the things their subconscious is trying to tell them. Miami-based artist-turned-designer John Brevard sees something else entirely.

Ever since he was young, Brevard has seen a series of intricate architectures – entire worlds that seemed to come from someplace else. These visions have helped drive everything he’s ever done, beginning with the pencil drawings he did as a teenager, which led to his study of architecture in college, and then in the visual art he created out of petrified wood and showed at his now-shuttered Wynwood gallery, Brevards.

Brevards© BrevardsThe latest incarnation of these visions is a stunning and beguiling jewelry collection, which is set to launch in early October.

The collection, which is comprised solely of silver, gold and black diamonds, is more like wearable art than jewelry, with the architectures from Brevard’s visions leaping out in a kind of 3-D Escher painting. They’re the kind of pieces you’d expect to see worn by a character in a science fiction film; they’re hip, edgy and immensely craveable. That you can’t get them ‘til October is a bit of a tease, and that most of us won’t be able to get them at all (the price points for these shape-shifting beauties start at $500 and go way up from there) is just a bit heartbreaking.

Brevard, who says he has never really been interested in jewelry until now, sees the collection as just one piece of a larger design platform. “My end goal,” he says, “which is much bigger than this, is to combine all of my disciplines – fashion, art, and architecture – to illustrate a concept.”

That concept, he says, is to create a kind of visual representation of what he sees as human consciousness. “This isn’t just New Age mumbo-jumbo,” he says. “It’s a fundamental theory of everybody being unified, to experience the self as other and other as the self.”

But he doesn’t believe for a second that one can get there through wearing jewelry. “This is just what I’m doing now. This is just what’s in my heart. If someone wants to wear my jewelry to differentiate themselves from others, to tell the world something about themselves, that’s great.”

Next, for your sartorial pleasure, is a line of shoes that brings the term “wearable art” to a whole new level. After that, who knows? Brevard is only 28. If his earlier work is any indication, he might just be using smart metals to build the kinds of worlds he sees when he closes his eyes. The future is upon us, after all.

John Brevard’s collection, called simply Brevards, will launch in October in fashion hubs around the world, including right here in Miami. When we know when – and where – you can get your hands on it, we’ll let you know.

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Jen @
10:28AM on August 29, 2011
Love it! Can't wait to see more.
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