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© Liz Tracy / MFb

We've been hangin' on the beach a lot lately (it is summertime afterall) but as fall approaches, we're hearing the call of the mainland, and, well, reality. This week, we took our roving eyes to the mainland for some coffee, and of all things, a Ke$ha concert. 

Liz Ferrer

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Liz has a certain joie de vivre that shines through in her party time-ready attire. We caught her looking cute at Lester’s in Wynwood at the Moustache Ride Comedy night this past Wednesday. She purchased the ‘90s-inspired floral baby doll dress at Target and bought the Mudd denim jacket at a thrift store and smartly crafted it into a hip little rock ‘n’ roll vest. Totally trendy with a twist!

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFbThe actress and MAC makeup artist was looking adorable in her signature red lipstick and OPI blue nail polish, a color called “Don’t Mess with Opi.” 

Nina Johnson-Milewski

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Nina always looks like a million bucks. Founder of Gallery Diet, she rocks the most low key, elegant looks every time we see her. She was in stylish safari gear at her husband’s bar and coffee shop, Lester’s. Nina’s laid back tank top and gaucho-like pants were dressed up with black booty sandal leather heels.

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Her owl necklace, which says “C’est Chouette” is right! Carved from wood, it adds a touch of the rustic outdoors to urban chic Miami.

Jacqueline Falcone

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Jacqueline is an artist who works at Legal Art. She brought a casual hip vibe to Lester’s. Her Target grandpa sweater was a sale item that works perfectly on her tall frame.

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

The shoes complete the outfit with their wedge heel, a score from Old Navy, adding Oxford class a pair of black skinnies. 

Denise Victoria

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Denise drove down from Tampa, where she’s attending school to become a librarian, with the sole purpose of watching Ke$ha onstage.

The classiest chick at the concert, her adorable Forever 21 dress with puff skirt caught us by surprise. The look was accented with a simple silver bracelet. The black floral on red was sexy, but not trashy (which, for a Ke$ha concert, is saying something).

Liz Tracy / MFb© Liz Tracy / MFb

Her shoes are all vegan. They might look like leather, but these are made by MooShoes, a brand based out of Brooklyn that uses synthetic materials to create a leather look that’s “cruelty free” and “animal approved.”

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