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Dressing Down a Brioni Suit

© Francesca Belluomini / MFb

Julie V.  has been working in high-end fashion all her life. She adores the outdoors she works out when she's not working, as she's trying to obtain her personal trainer's license. The clothing in her closet is perfectly aligned by color and length (the envy of every girl) and she admits that working in high-end boutiques has trained her to “merchandize and color coordinate” her own closet. Looking through her closet, you'll see classic, chic and modern clothing by Zegna, Gucci, Max Mara, and YSL. There’s a particular pinstriped pantsuit by Brioni she wanted us to help "spice up." It has a two-buttoned blazer with an asymmetrical shawl collar, and a pair of wide-legged pants.

We went to Metta, which recently reopened on Key Biscayne, to help us reinterpret the conservative suit with a few relaxed pieces. We separated the suit into pieces to create three alternative looks.

1st Look - Well-Suited for the Beach

Francesca Belluomini / MFb© Francesca Belluomini / MFbWe paired the jacket with a bikini top by Martha Rey, a pareo worn as a wrap skirt by Aspiga, cord-and-leather sandals by Burgeois Chic Shoes and a couple of malas by OM Jewelry.

2nd Look: The Suit on Saturday

Francesca Belluomini / MFb© Francesca Belluomini / MFbWe styled the pants with a sheer yellow-and-white zebra-print sheer top by Lolita, a Macarena peace sign pendant, Bourgeois Chic espadrilles and the colorful bag by Eleven Design.

3rd Look: Sunglasses at Night

Francesca Belluomini / MFb© Francesca Belluomini / MFbHere's an evening version pairing the classic pinstripe jacket with a mini sequined dress in bright orange and fuchsia. Turn up the saturation with a pair of fuchsia heels by Mixx Shoes. Add even more color with an oversized clutch in paisley with contrasting embroidery by Sir Alistair Rai.

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J. Wolf @
01:28PM on August 10, 2011
LOVE that last clutch
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