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Jewelry designer Carolina Loyola grew up in Key Biscayne, where she learned the craft from her mother, high-end jewelry designer Adriana Loyola. But she didn’t go immediately into design. Instead, she moved to Boston, where she went to college for advertising, and started work in her field. Still, Loyola says, “in the back of my mind, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

It took being laid off from her position at a Spanish-language search engine to get her back on the creative track. Jewelry design is, after all, in her blood.

Carolina Loyola© Carolina Loyola“My mom has very classy taste, and just watching her to see what she chose…I think I learned a lot from her...She taught me all about wiring. She taught me all about stones.”

And stones would become one of the younger Loyola’s primary materials. Her pieces combine small semi precious stones with gold and silver. And many of her pieces – particularly her earrings and large cuff bracelets, like this paisley cuff – make use of filigree made by artisans in Colombia.

Filigree is just one of the elements of her design aesthetic that Loyola brought back home from her travels abroad.

“I fell in love with the filigree that they do in Colombia, it’s very intricate work. You might see filigree coming from India, but the filigree from Columbia is a different quality - it’s an old art form that they’ve been doing for centuries now. It’s delicate and it has an intricacy to it that you don’t find anywhere else.”

Carolina Loyola© Carolina LoyolaLikewise, Loyola’s travels to Asia inspired the butterfly design that has become the signature piece of her collection.

“Just after being laid off, I traveled to Asia for my 30th birthday. I was in Guilin [China], where I saw a lot of butterflies by the river, and I was struck by how beautiful they were. I did a little research on them when I got home, and realized that they signify luck,” Loyola says. “When I realized that, I felt like when I got laid off, it was lucky and I was inspired to start this collection.”

Much the way that butterflies flit around flowers, Loyola has built a collection around that single design. The pieces range from simply sublime to beautifully intricate. Most, look like they came from someplace else, a single treasure found in an exotic locale. And in a way, they did. Carolina Loyola found it in her mind’s eye, and brought it back for us all to share.

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