Dangerous. Sexy. Desirable.

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Miami lingerie designer Priscilla Jade loves the idea that a costume can change a woman's identity, taking them from playful to mysterious, to vampy all with a quick wardrobe change. "It doesn't change who they are," she says of lingerie, "it gives them the ability to become uninhibited."

Jade, who grew up watching Westerns, has always been attracted to the corset and petticoat, and her earlier collections played off those looks with colorful pin-up style lingerie. This new collection, called her Noir Collection, which debuted Saturday night at Grand Central, takes an entirely different approach.

"I've had the worst luck with men," she begins, in an attempt to explain why she's dedicated a different piece in her collection to various men from her romantic past (crushes and boyfriends and ones-who-got-away). In designing the collection Jade thought back to what she would have worn with each guy. I thought...If I had the perfect outfit for each guy, what would I wear?"

The collection, made of all black stretch mesh and lace, is dark, edgy, and very sexy. Or, as she describes it, "Dangerous. Sexy. Desirable."

Each piece that debuted in the show was handmade by the Jade herself. Retail pieces are handmade in Alabama (where Jade is from originally) and retails from $18 to $60, a steal for any lingerie, much less lingerie handmade in the USA.

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