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Be Your Own Tabloid Hero

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Richie Rich, the iconic name behind Heatherette, wants everyone to be able to dress like a star. That's why he created Tabloid Hero, the new line inspired by the splashy lives of his larger-than-life friends.

Friends like Pamela Anderson, who he has long descrbed as his muse.

But you don't have to be a buxom blonde to look good in Tabloid Hero. You do have to have a sassy attitude and an anything-goes spirit. Especially considering that - although many of the pieces in Tabliod Hero are swimwear - Rich doesn't want it to be considered as such. Rich wants people to "think outside the box" and use the clothes - even the bikinis - on a daily basis. Wear it to go out, to get the newspaper, walk the dog or on a night out in town, Rich says.

The line has that urban / rock punkish flair that falls somewhere between an episode of Fame and back stage at a Boy George concert. Expect all: hats, wrist bands, t-shirts, jewelry.

The line is big, bold, and surprising. There are gigantic polka dot bows and zippers over skimpy barely-there bikinis. A surprisingly stunning bareless silver sequins one piece. Boy shorts with twisted “ties” in front. 

The wear-it-on-the-street bikinis were followed by intriguing asymmetrical and oversized tanks, and even striped pants held up by long suspenders - larger-than-life, for sure. The fireworks at the end of the show were two stunning maxi sequins pieces: a black caftan and a silver jumpsuit with a corset jeweled belt.

Rich will formally debut the line this September at New York's fashion week, which will mark a return to the runways after being away from them for two years. Wednesday's event, which was dubbed Sexxy Pop, was all about helping another of his larger-than-life friends, Pachi Lake, promote her new South Beach boutique, PACHI Boutique. The event was captured for MFb in this video.

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Keri @
01:29PM on August 12, 2010
You are misinformed. Richie rich will debut his line Popluxe (a collaboration with The King Collective) at New York Fashion Week this September. Tabloid Hero has never gone into production.
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