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MOD Swim Show Heats Up Nikki Beach

© Venessa Monokian / MFb

Swim week is here models are marching down runways up and down Miami Beach, debuting top designer's 2011 collections. So, what are you going to be wearing next year? More bandeaus. More neon. More animal print. (And, for those who dare, high-waisted bottoms and sequined tops.)

Friday night brought us to Nikki Beach for the kick-off of Addicted to Fashion, a weekend-long series put on as a part of MOD Swim Week. The lights were low, the drinks were flowing, and the fashionistas were out in full effect.

The evening kicked off with a show by House of Jackie Brown, with the design duo Jacklyn York and Emily Brown looking on. Their show began with a sweet purple and white polka dot bandeau one-piece. Although we saw the same bandeau style again in a light blue suit later on, this cute and sexy one piece was the only occurrence of polka dots in the show, which relied more heavily on animal prints and neon. 

House of Jackie Brown hot, hot, hot zebra one-piece cut-out.© Venessa Monokian / MFbHouse of Jackie Brown hot, hot, hot zebra one-piece cut-out.The best use of animal print was a hot zebra print one piece with stomach cut-out. Of course, you'd have to have a really toned stomach to pull off this look, but if you do, there's nothing more sexy or exotic to wear poolside than the one-piece cut-out debuted by House of Jackie Brown last night.

Breaking away from the norm was a high-waisted bikini with embellished bottoms, reminiscent of Wonder Woman's famous costume.

Up next was Betsy Moss, a new brand by Miami brother and sister team Jorge and Betsy Perez. And, although there was nothing wrong with the pieces offered up by House of Jackie Brown, Betsy Moss absolutely stole the show with its smart, inventive and sexy designs.

Up first was a white maxi dress, worn off the shoulders and knotted in the back. Later on, the same maxi dress returned, only this time, worn a different way - over the shoulders and crossed at the back. This was an idea that seems to be at the center of the collection - that clothes should be casual and fun, and are meant to be played with, mixed and matched.

Just as the maxi dress made a reappearance, so did the bottoms of a red bandeau bikini, this time with gorgeous halter leopard print top. That top was the only occurrence of animal print in the collection, which tended toward lighter colors and breezy, tropical prints.

Two pieces that bucked this trend were the sequined bikini top w/ high-waisted bottoms and the two-way one-piece with navy blue shell and black mesh. These pieces seemed to solidify what designer Richie Rich said a few blocks up the beach earlier this week - that swimwear isn't just for swimming anymore. Think of it as evening swim wear.

That would make Miami the perfect epicenter for trying out this new, wear-it-out trend. Only, what about the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy of many beachside establishments? Betsy Moss has an answer for that one too - their grey and white stripped tunic, which would look great as an upscale coverup/dress. Pair it with sleek black heels and you've got your shirt and your shoes.

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Cat @
07:39PM on July 21, 2010
great show! hugs
cecilia @
01:11PM on July 17, 2010
love it! it is like having been at the shows
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