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In Miami, swimwear naturally becomes a vital part of your wardrobe. Some might say the most important part. It can make just as much of statement about your style as your every-day work or play wardrobe does. So what’s a girl to do when she needs a new bikini? Enter Maaji Swimwear, a bohemian-chic line founded in 2002 by sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra, who understand the importance of hitting the right fashion notes with your swimsuit style. I caught up with Manuela as she was prepping the 2011 collection for the Miami Swim Show to get the inside scoop on Maaji.

Tell us about Maaji. What inspired you to get into designing swimwear?

Maaji Swimwear is a family business that my sister Amalia and I started. We are both business school graduates, but we have always had a passion for design and a special interest in swimwear. We always dreamed about having our own company. We work together with our team of three designers for almost one year investigating all the materials and conceptualizing the theme of the collection.

What is the most important part of the design process for you?

We like to try new things all the time.  We spend a lot of time on the construction of the garments, making sure we achieve a really good fit – comfort is number one for us. We want to offer our clients products with really innovative designs, high technology and that are also really comfortable for them.

You’re suits are reversible-genius. What was your thinking behind that?

Having a reversible suit not only saves our clients money – they are essentially getting two suits for the price of on – but it helps them travel lighter when they go on vacation. No need to pack two suits when you can just turn one of ours inside out and poof! You’ve got a brand new look. It also saves you the trouble of the double tan-line. With a reversible suit you’re going not going to have that problem.

Give us some tips on how to pick the right swimwear for your body type.

Halter-tops are really good for women with a bigger chest and that need more support. If you have a small chest try looking for styles that have some texture (like ruffles) on the top. The color and the print are really important also.  Big flowers, balls and horizontal stripes will make you look bigger, while vertical stripes, colors like black or other dark tones and miniprints will make you look slimmer.

Who is your customer-what kind of women wear Maaji?

Maaji is for women that love special products. Our swimwear is very detailed and full of special touches. Women that wear Maaji are really aware of fashion but are also really active and energetic.

Whether you are lounging poolside, chilling on the beach or vacationing somewhere tropical, Maaji Swimwear can take you from a day of beach volleyball to sipping mimosas at a pool party, in effortless style.

Where to find Maaji: you can find their collection in boutiques around Miami including Green Grass, or visit for a list of online retail stores.

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